10 'Don't forgets!' for your wedding day photography

For any bride and groom approaching their big day, don't forget these wedding photographers' sage words of advice

Your big day is soon to be upon you. The dresses and outfits have had their final alterations, the flowers are organised, the cake has been baked, and you've found accommodation at the last moment for Great Auntie Marjorie. You've also found your dream photographer. But just in case, we've spoken to wedding photographers Mike Rickard and Thomas Langley who've put together these ten must-remember tips for your big day.

1. Trust your photographer

Don't let your sense of what you want overwhelm your photographer. Remember–you hired her or him because you love their work. And you have had that meeting already to discuss your ideas, haven't you? In which case: relax, enjoy the day, and let her or him do his job!

2. Stick to your timetable

Make sure that you've built in some flexibility. As Mike says, 'It's far easier to fill time than to find time.' You don't want your romantic portraits rushed and your guests keeling over from hunger. Getting the shots you want will take time, both before and after the ceremony, so allow for this.

3. Your photos are meant to last your lifetime

This means that they don't need to be trendy, 'In fact they will likely date faster if you choose something very of-the-moment,' says Mike, but they do need to tell the story of your day.

Natalie and James by Mike Rickard of  Narshada Photography

Natalie and James by Mike Rickard of Narshada Photography

4. Your photographer will probably need some food

You have remembered to enquire about dietary requirements and mentioned this to the caterer, haven't you?

5. When are you getting married?

Don't forget that time of year and time of day will have an impact on your photos. If you've had your meeting with your photographer, you'll know this, but a reminder can't hurt.

6. You don't need to look for the camera

'The photographer will find you,' reminds Thomas, and the more than you can relax and enjoy yourself, the better your photos will be.

7. Walk down the aisle slowly

Savour the moment: you're only meant to do it once! Hold your bouquet lower than you think you need to, look up, and smile!

8. Stick together!

For really intimate-looking portraits, you'll likely need to get ever closer to each other than you imagine. And try to stick together during the course of the day, otherwise your photos will be of you individually, rather than as a couple. As Thomas says: 'It's disappointing when couples wander off apart; I want to photograph you together!' 

9. Watch out for the three bs: bottles, bags, and bras

If you're having preparation shots done, try to keep as much clutter out of the way as possible so that they don't interfere with your photos. And if you want a photo of your dress before you don it, find a good hanger and somewhere suitable to hang it. 

Your photographer will get the details. Relax! (Photo by Mike Rickard at  Narshada Photography )

Your photographer will get the details. Relax! (Photo by Mike Rickard at Narshada Photography)

10. Relax and enjoy the day

This is supposed to be fun. The more relaxed your are, the more you enjoy yourself, the better the photos will be. Remember Mike's admonishment: bridezillas rarely get the best photos. Let the unimportant things slide.