Want to brush up your Photoshop skills? Try creativeLIVE this week

If you're feeling that your Photoshop skills could benefit from a bit of refinement or perhaps that you'd appreciate getting to know Photoshop's darkest secrets, the online learning start-up creativeLIVE launched its Photoshop Week special yesterday. Over 40 different classes are available for free until Saturday. (And you can catch up if you missed anything.)

The range of lessons is quite extensive. You can swing from practical advice on managing your workflow and getting into good habits, to more focused classes on blending modes or brushes or retouching or working with text, via getting the most out of actions and presets, and then unlock some of Photoshop's hidden secrets.

Lessons last approximately 90 minutes and are led by one from a team of 12 tutors who include Ben Willmore, Kevin Kubota, and Aaron Nace.

creativeLIVE usually works by offering the live stream of a lesson for free and a download of the lesson at a fee. As the classes run off Pacific Standard Time this can be inconvenient for those of us based in Europe: a 14:45 class will be live streamed at 22:45 here in the UK (and there are re-casts later in the day to help you catch up). The rules change a little over Photoshop Week, however. You can pay to purchase the course in advance, or you can enroll and catch up with a class for free over the course of the week.

If you're not sure which of the lessons you'd like to join, you can buy the entire bundle for a special price of $299 right now. That'll increase significantly at the end of the week, however.

All the details on all the classes are here.