Twenty-five 365-photo projects to keep an eye on

Every year, thousands of photographers embark on an artistic year-long journey known as a 365 Project (or, given that 2012 is a leap year, presumably a 366 day project this year...)

The idea with a 365 Day Project is to force yourself to take a photo per day. It doesn't sound very hard, but trust me: A year is a long time, and I've never managed to finish one myself...

Here is a collection of 25 talented and brave people who've thrown themselves into battle:

1. Kalie Garret: Kalie Garret has mastered the art of self portrait photography. She is constantly pushing herself to work harder and go farther in her photos, and it shows. Her photos consistently get better and better.


Screen-shot of photo 11/365 by Kenneth Edwards

2. Kenneth Edwards: Kenneth has been on Flickr for a few years now and switches between film and digital quite often. His photos carry a sense of realism that many photographers abandon whenever they discover Photoshop.

3. Amy Musgrave: If you want to see a cute 365 day project, then definitely follow Amy Musgrave. So far, her photos have been heavily featuring of her adorable son. The photos are technically fabulous, and her son is so cute that you can't help but say, "Aww" every time you look through them.

4. Amber D: Amber is a young photographer who's doing brilliantly on her 365 Day Project so far! She is one to watch in the up coming year.

5. Nikki Chicoine: Nikki is almost half way through her photo project, and she has completed one before, but she will finish her project in 2012 and she is definitely a photographer that is worth looking into. She turns photos into beautiful photo manipulations every single day.


Screen-shot of photo 12/365 by Torrie Brown

6. Torrie Brown: Torrie is a young photographer that has really found her style. Her photos are consistently good, and she has very original concepts.

7. Kristy Dankova: Kristy is a wonderful photographer. She has the ability to take a simple photograph and turn it into magic. Her concepts are strong and her skills are there. She also started her project in 2011, but she is still one to watch as she pushes forward and has the determination to finish her project.

8. Amy Geleibter: Amy is not only a wonderful photographer, but she is also a beautiful model. Modelling is a big part of 365 Day Projects since it is a self portrait project. Amy has conquered modelling and is able to emote the feelings that are necessary for her photos to pop.

9. Glenda Lissette: Glenda's project has started out very strong. So far, she has done both photo manipulations and very simple photographs and has succeeded at both.

10. Delaney V.: Delaney is new to the 365 Day Project, but so far she has started out strong. Her photos are a bit experimental, but so far her experiments have been well received.


Screen-shot of photo 20/365 by Ana Pinto

11. Ana Luísa Pinto: Ana is at the very beginning of her project and so far has started out strong. She has very strong skills and her photos are technically superb.

12. Laura Dilliberto: Laura has conquered photo manipulations and is taking flickr by storm. She truly is an artist and has created beautiful image after beautiful image since her 365 Day Project began.

13. Johanna: Johanna is a German photographer that has an eye for photography. She is about halfway through her project and has had very good photos in her project thus far.

14. Marina Refur: Marina is a photographer that has learned to create magic in her photos. She takes simple photos and turns them into dreamlike images that give her audience chills.

15. Evan Wescott: Evan will finish his project in 2012, and has thus far had a beautiful project. His photos are teetering on the edge of fantasy, but they have just enough realism in them that shine through the pool of all of the other photographers embarking on this project.


Screen-shot of photo 155/365 by Emma Johnson

16. Emma Johnson: Emma has started out strong in her photos, and has yet to miss a day. She is constantly experimenting with her photography, which has done wonders for her project.

17. Rachael Dowda: Rachael is a young photographer that has beautiful photographs of adolescent life. She truly has been able to capture the essence of youth in her photographs.

18. Mark Arica: Mark is a landscape and architectural photographer that is beautifully capturing the world around him in his photo project.

19. Tony Bull: Tony has mastered the art of taking photos of the people around him. His project is reminiscent of a project of snapshots, but they are all beautiful and full of life.

20. Esther Rica: Esther's project is full of family photos, photos of her everyday life and well-thought-out conceptual photos. She has a great mixture on her site and is definitely worth watching.


Screen-shot of photo 9 / 365 by A Has

21. A Has: A Has is an everyday-life type of photographer. You can tell that he takes his camera with him everywhere and has mastered the art of capturing everyday events.

22. Lins Grant: Lins is a beautiful landscape photographer that is doing a magnificent job at capturing the landscapes that surround his home. He is taking great strides in his photos to get better every day.

23. Camiel Schoonens: Camiel is using the project to shoot photos of memories instead of doing planned out conceptual shoots. This is a refreshing project and will be a stream that's certainly worth a looksie once she is finished.

24. Marie-Aude D.: Marie-Aude has been taking photos of everyday items as well and is also capturing memories. A memory 365 Day Project is becoming increasingly popular in beginner photographers and 2012 has shown a great amount of these projects popping up.

25. David: David is a self-proclaimed photographer that became a photographer when his daughter was born. He is using his project to take photos of his adorable daughter's growth and this is definitely a project to watch if you are looking for the cuteness factor.

A 365 Day Project can be an incredibly amazing journey, but also can be an incredibly difficult one to complete. All of these photographers have taken on this journey and are determined to complete it with flying colors.

A note on copyright: The photos-of-photos in this post are used under the 'criticism and review' provision of UK copyright laws.