Triggertrap launches updated Android app!

We haven't seen any updates from Triggertrap's Android division since November last year or so, but that doesn't mean to say that their boffins have been kicking back and drinking tea. Oh no, they've been hard at it, and have just launched a shiny new Android version of the universally awesome universal camera trigger to prove it. Along with a swathe of minor bug fixes, the big news is the inclusion of the Bang! sound detection mode and the Wi-Fi Master mode. Bang! will allow you to trigger your camera with a clap, whistle, click of your fingers, or squahonk of a Kazoo; the Wi-Fi Master does pretty much what it sounds as if it does: lets you trigger all of your enslaved devices from a master via Wi-Fi.

If you'd rather get the low-down straight from the Triggertrap team you can see this post on Triggertrap's website for the full details or watch their video

And don't forget, you can update your app via the Google Play store, or download it direct from Triggertrap.