Triggertrap prototype photos

Funding going well! See the rest of the photos for prototype pictures

So, by now you can't have missed that I've been working on a pretty huge project: A retail product called 'Triggertrap'. It's being crowd-funded via Kickstarter, and as I'm writing this, it has 16 days to go... and has been 177% funded: People have pledged nearly $45,000, even though I was aiming for $25,000. Pretty incredible stuff.

I'm up to my knees in prototyping, electronics, manufacturing, sourcing, drop-shipping, and all manner of other technology and terms I've barely heard of before. Between you and me, it's bloody bonkers.

Anyway, I figured it would be only fair if I shared some of the Work-In-Progress photos with you guys, because (obviously), I'm rather ridiculously excited about all of this.

Triggertrap has caused an absolute media storm, being covered in most of the big gadget- and photography blogs.

As you might have gathered, this is taking up a fair bit of my time, hence the slightly reduced number of posts here on Pixiq - but don't worry, I'll be back and posting as usual in a couple of weeks.

Get a 40% pre-order discount on the Triggertrap

The Triggertrap currently costs $75 (+$5 postage) over on Kickstarter - once the project funds at the end of the month, the price will jump to $125 - so here's your chance to get a 40% early bird discount.

Want to get involved? Find out more about which cameras are supported, what the Triggertrap does, and pledge to the project over on Kickstarter.

Stay awesome, everyone!

~ Haje