Triggertrap Mobile's free! Whee!

Just for the holidays, the Triggertrap Mobile premium application is going to be available for free for both Android and iOS.

There's always been a free version of Triggertrap Mobile, offering a selection of the premium application's camera triggering options, but now anyone with an Android or Apple phone has access to all of Triggertrap's capabilities. These include multiple time-lapse features; sensor controls to trigger your camera using sound, motion, vibration, or metal; facial recognition; and star trail and HDR modes.

To make the most of Triggertrap with your SLR, rather than with your smartphone camera alone, you will need a dongle. This can be purchased for $24.99 from the Triggertrap store. But with the new wireless function, you won't necessarily need a cable. And don't forget to download the app from the App Store, or Google Play.

That's just made one Christmas present a bit cheaper!