Triggertrap brings high speed photography zooming to a camera near you

If your attempts at capturing balloons bursting, glass shattering, or droplets forming a perfect corona have been less than successful until now, the team at Triggertrap—who love to find creative ways to let you trigger your camera—might just have a solution for you. Not only have they succeeded in making Triggertrap Mobile's triggering system upto 12 times faster (from 60 milliseconds to five milliseconds depending on your device), but they've released the Triggertrap Flash Adapter, too. Strawberry Cream Milk - Chris Martino

By combining a new Triggertrap Flash Adapter with a Triggertrap Mobile Dongle, an iOS device running Triggertrap for Mobile, and a hot shoe-compatible flash (there wouldn't be much flash photography going on without one), you should be capable of freezing motion, however fast it's happening.

Triggertrap Flash Adapter TT-FA1 Product Photo 03

Set yourself up in a darkened room with your camera on a long exposure, your camera and flash ready to trigger using one of Triggertrap's firing mechanisms, and whatever you're trying to capture at high speed, and off you go!

If you want to see the Flash Adapter in action, there's a video waiting for your perusal:

Introducing Triggertrap Flash Adapter from Triggertrap on Vimeo.

Or you could just head over to the Triggertrap store and order one. They're retailing at $29.95 - but remember that you'll need the mobile dongle and the app running on your smartphone, too.