Travel Photography Tips


google-maps-world-map.jpg Whenever I travel, I have a very loose approach to packing my stuff. Mostly, I pack in less than 20 minutes – regardless if I’m going away for a night or three weeks. There are four checks: Passport, tickets, credit card, and camera.

It’s just the way it goes, you can’t get by without either of those items (except perhaps tickets, if you are travelling with an airline who has embraced eTickets). If your journey is especially designed for photography, however, the task may be slightly different.  


Today, via the bottomless resource that is the Travel Photography Blog, I found Jay Hargett’s amazing Travel Photography Tips article.

It touches on all the major topics, including preparation, what and how to pack, travel photo composition, safety, security, etc. And just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about the topic, the comments start. What can I say, is read by some amazing people. Page upon page of witty, clever, and downright genius suggestions, tips, tricks, and advice.

Well worth a read!

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