Stand on the spray-painted feet for superior snaps of San Francisco (and New York City)

If you're to wander through some of the more touristy areas of San Francisco and New York City, you might notice some bright yellow stencilled feet, spray-painted onto the pavement, and the exhortation to 'Place feet, point and click.' They're part of Mimi Chan's and Utsavi Jhaveri's #NoShittyPhotos project, aimed to help visitors snap the best possible archetypal touristy photos in the cities. Chan and Jhaveri were students at Miami Ad School and they decided that they could do something about the plethora of photos that people try to take of the most famous landmarks and monuments in San Francisco and New York City, but come out looking not-so-great. They could mark out the optimal places to stand to capture the Golden Gate Bridge and the Flatiron Building. No more ugly Instagram feeds, and #NoShittyPhotos.

In the process of spray-painting their tourist aids, Chan and Jhaveri narrowly escaped being caught vandalising at least once and quite a few of the NYC markers have since been removed by ant-graffiti vans. These guys would have a great deal of fun looking for the perfect spot to shoot in London, but they'd certainly be at the mercy of the law, and more concerningly, private security firms.

As for the concept, of course we don't want everyone's photos to look like clones, but if people get better photos because of a helping hand, I'm in.

(Headsup to DesignTaxi and Mimi Chan's site)