Top 50 photography websites

Fire up that broadband connection - there's weeks of your life waiting to be wasted on these sites!

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Of course, Photocritic is your favourite photography resource in the whole wide world, and you’d be mad to think otherwise. Nonetheless, I have to admit that there are some pretty damn amazing websites out there. This is my attempt at collecting some of my favourites – which isn’t easy, considering how many bookmarks I have.

So, I give to you, 50 of my favourite photography websites – these should keep you busy for a while… 


Top 10

1. A community of photographers

This site is the perfect blend of education, art, and community. This site provides information about all major camera brands and informative articles about everything from aerial to street to wedding photography as well as interactive user forums and galleries. There are free and paid subscriptions that allow users to create accounts and upload portfolios and request critiques from fellow members.

2. Digital Photography School blog

Well-written useful articles about composition and techniques for different types of photography make this a great resource. It includes tips on photographing everything from silhouettes to waterfalls to spider webs.

3. Guide to Film Photography

A guide to old-fashioned film photography that includes a comparison to digital photography, a blog, a glossary of terms, and information about cameras, exposure, film types, and processing.

4. Flickr

A community-based site that allows user to create profiles and upload, tag, and organize their photos to share with friends and family. It also has groups so users can share photos about similar topics, themes, or concepts.

5. Photography

This website allows users to ask questions and get answers from fellow users. There are also product reviews, news articles, forums, and stock photos available.

6. Picture Correct

A resource with information about exposure, light, composition, and techniques for night, macro, portraits, and panoramic photos. It also provides info on camera lens and how to best use histograms.

7. Outdoor Photographer

A useful site including information on gear, how-to guides, and weekly technology tips. In addition, there are columns by photographers and information articles about favorite outdoor locations along with workshops to hone your skills.

8. Popular Photography

A site with tests and reviews of various cameras as well as blogs, podcasts, and articles about various topics. It also includes forums, contests, and a buying guide for those interested in buying a new camera.

9. Photonhead

This site includes a beginner’s guide, photography tips, and editing techniques. It also includes a SimCam, a camera simulator that teaches photographic concepts such as shutter speed and aperture.

10. Kodak – This is a popular site from one of the major photo industry leaders. It offers tips for taking great photos, a digital learning center, product information, and galleries.


Beyond the top 10…

Fire up that broadband connection - there's weeks of your life waiting to be wasted on these sites!

Fire up that broadband connection - there's weeks of your life waiting to be wasted on these sites!

11. Ultimate Exposure Computer – A guide to the sunny 16 rule of estimating exposures without a light meter.

12. The Luminous Landscape – A site devoted to the appreciation and art of landscape and nature photography.

13. Picasa – A free Google site that allows users to edit, organize, share photos, and create slideshows.

14. National Geographic Photography – Tips and galleries from the magazine known for its stunning photographs.

15. Sports Shooter – Information on workshops, tips, equipment, and contests for sports photographers.

16. Ephotozine – A popular online photography magazine produced in the United Kingdom.

17. Photoblogs – A handy compilation of various photoblogs with links for discussion lists and live chat.

18. Photo District News – An award-winning monthly magazine about the photographic industry for professional photographer.

19. Photo News Today – A site devoted to news, reviews, podcasts, training, and opinions about photography.

20. Infrared Photography with a Digital Camera – Excellent information about techniques for infrared photography including fitlers, focus, and post-processing

21. Weather Photography – Information on weather and nature photography such as shooting lightning, clouds, and the moon.

22. Photography Tips and Techniques – Beginner and intermediate tips, as well as information on composition, lenses, and darkroom techniques.

23. Darkroom Source – Articles on equipment, accessories, and techniques to use in a darkroom.

23. Basic Photography Tutorials – Tutorials on composition, camera, exposure, shutter, aperture, and film processing.

24. Lomographic Society International – Information on lomography and casual, snapshot, special effect cameras

25. Photography on Wikipedia – Encyclopedic information on different types and styles as well as links to other relevant topics within and without Wikipedia

26. About Photography on – A recognizable format with information on styles, equipment, forums, and lessons on various themes

27. Photography Blog – A blog written by professional photographer Mark Goldstein that has news, opinions, and reviews.

28. Photobucket – Provices free image hosting, sharing, and linking to provide access to photos online.

29. Bodyscapes – Alan Teger’s amazing photos, where the human shape is the landscape.

30. Picture Social – An online social networking site for photographers to make friends, critique photos, and blog.

31. Center for Fine Art Photography – An international, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting photography as an art form.

32. Photo Secrets – Tips including the top five photo mistakes and how to fix them.

33. The F-stops Here – Articles about outdoor photograph including wildlife, hunting, fish, and children in the outdoors.

34. Digital Photography Tutorials – Explanations of imaging and the use photo editing software such as Photoshop to create better photos.

35. Long Exposures – Explanations of how to use long exposures (long shutter speeds) in both daytime and nighttime.

36. Black Cat Photographic Rules of Thumb – Fifty quick photo tips that are important to all photographers.

37. A History of Photography – The historical background of photography: how it came to be and the people who shaped its evolution.

38. Digital Photography Review – Side-by-side comparisons, sample images, and reviews of different camera brands and models.

39. Nikonians – Resources, news, and forums for fans of Nikon cameras.

40. MyShutterpace – A social network for digital photographers with forums, blogs, and online photo sharing.

41. The Pinhole Gallery – Information on making and using your own pinhole camera including a gallery of photos.

42. Camera Hacker – A handy site with ‘hacks’ such as how to do multiple exposures wit ha 35mm camera

43. Photojournalism – A blog written by Mark M. Hancock that discuss photojournalism as a career and artform.

44. Strobist – A site detailing how to use off-camera flashes to illuminate subjects… In ridiculous detail.

45. Choose Film – An online community dedicated to the art and technique of film photography.

46. Resize It – A Web-based tool that allows users to crop and resize photos from anywhere.

47. PC Photo – Information and reviews on cameras, software, and gear for digital photographers.

48. Food Photography Blog – A blog with information on special effects and lighting used for food photography.

49. Lens Culture – An international online magazine celebrating the culture of photography.

50. Vignetting – A discussion of natural, mechanical, and optical vignetting used to frame the center and give a unique feel.

51. The Online Photographer has a great collection of articles, links, and ideas for web-savvy photographers

52. – sake! Anyway, if you’re into photography comps, you could do a lot worse than checking out this site – to pick which competitions to enter!

53. Analog Photography Users Group – Tthe world’s best source for information on analog/film photography, alternate process, printing, etc.

54. Nature Photographers dot Net – The best site online for Nature Photographers, and the best landscape photography forum online

55. I Love Photo Blogs – ILPB reviews photography sites from all over the world – a lovely place to start discovering new photo sites from all over the world!

56. Rob Galbraith – RG has had a highly popular photography review- and news site for a long time, and it’s easy to see why: in-depth reviews, with a personal touch. Highly recommended.

57. DeviantArt – DA is a huge multi-discipline arts community, with a massive photography element to it, too. I used to use it a lot, but ended up migrating to Flickr. I do miss the community feel of DA, though…

58. PhotoJoJo PhotoJoJo is one of the most awesome photography sites out there – what they do is pretty simple, but they do it very, very well indeed. They’ve got a ton of cool products, too, which is pretty awesome.

What’d I miss?

It’s really hard to choose only 50 sites – there are so many awesome resources out there. Some times a site doesn’t do much for me, but has one or two articles of such brilliance that I just can’t pass them by, others are not in this list because they’re sites belonging to friends of mine – which I’ll check frequently, but which I feel I’m too close to to really objectively suggest to others.

So – go on – what’s your favourite photography site, and why? Leave a comment below!