It's Time-lapse Week 2015 - what will you be shooting?

Welcome to Time-lapse Week 2015!

It's the most beautiful time of the year: Time-lapse Week! If you've never heard of Time-lapse Week before, that might be because it's something our friends over at Triggertrap came up with. Probably in the pub, that's sort of what they're like. 

Three awesome time-lapse videos

So, let's get started by checking out three inspirational videos to get you started:

Chadchud put together an awesome timelapse of Tower Bridge, and set it to some extremely dodgy dubstep music. We'll forgive him, because it's a brilliant video. Find out how he did it

Vladimir Vorobyov's gorgeous homage to flowers is a must-see timelapse collection. 

Midnight Sun: A natural phenomenon occurring in the summer months north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle where the sun never fully sets and remains visible 24 hours a day. And, in this case, gorgeously captured in timelapse form.

If you can't get enough of time-lapse videos, check out Primelapse, where there's a collection of almost 5,000 fantastic timelapses. Enjoy!

How do you make a time-lapse video?

Well, it turns out that creating your own time-lapse video isn't as hard as it sounds. There's a fantastic tutorial available from the aforementioned Triggertrap, who also sell the kit you need to get started. 


Timelapse is a great way of making slow things look really fast. This tutorial will talk you through the absolute basics of timelapse photography. You can view the full tutorial here