The White Cliffs of Not-Dover

Picture 3

When you think of iconic images of Britain, what springs to mind? The Palace of Westminster? A London bus crossing Waterloo Bridge? Stonehenge? How about the White Cliffs of Dover? If you’re Dover Town Council how hard do you think it would be to come across a photo of one of your town’s most famous landmarks to put on your website? Surprisingly, would be the answer.

If you toddle over to Dover Town Council’s website, the striking image of white cliffs rising out of the breaking waves aren’t those at Dover, but they are the cliffs at Seven Sisters, found up the road in the next county, Sussex. The Council has put it all down to these times of austerity and not wanting to pay for the requisite image. That, most certainly is commendable. But why choose an image of a landmark over 70 miles away?


Why not look for images of Dover Castle? Or, heaven forfend, run a competition inviting people to submit their favourite images of Dover, or more specifically of the White Cliffs. Is it that hard?

And if you happen to have any awesome shots of the White Cliffs, I’m sure that Dover Town Council would love to hear from you.