The most expensive photography workshop in the world?


Ladies and Gentlemen, grab a seat (you’ll need one) whilst I give you details of a day-long photography tutorial with overnight accommodation in a swanky London hotel, that’s just dropped into my inbox. The idea is learn how to get the most out of your dSLR by shooting for a day in London with a tutor before a spot of editing, making your shots into a slideshow, and finally collapsing into a luxury bed at London’s Intercontinental Hotel on Park Lane.

You’ve a choice of four different sessions with your pro-tog tutor: old and new; a pro-studio fasion shoot; wildlife in Richmond Park (where I believe that there are deer); or plantlife in Petersham Nurseries, which are also in the Richmond area.

If you were worried that you might pass out from low blood-sugar, fear not because there’s a working lunch included to sustain you.

All this can be yours for a starting price of £939, plus VAT.


I mean, I know that it’s the Intercontinental Hotel and everything, but I checked out the prices and there are rooms available from about £200. And if lunch comes from Eat, I shall not be impressed. Also: what’s the plan for getting people to Petersham Nurseries, because it’s easiest by train and bus. You do not want to pay £939 (plus VAT) and then have to wait for the 65 outside Richmond station.

Seriously, you can buy yourself an entirely competent dSLR, a shiny 50mm lens, a small library’s-worth of books, and a long weekend at the coast for that price. If this one is all about the experience, then it needs to be revelatory.

If of course you do have money to burn and would like to check it out, head over to EYE Photographic.