The International Exhibition


The internet has a funny way of erasing the feeling of the world being of any useful size at all – I regularly get visits from nearly 190 different countries, for example. In an exchange with the lovely (Swedish) Håkan Dahlström recently, I mentioned that his funky-looking photograph XAO wouldn’t have looked out of place in an East London wine bar. We joked about a bit, but I was suddenly thinking: What is stopping us, photographers, from creating ad-hoc photography exhibits all over the world?

So, in an epic effort of internet crowd-sourcing, I want to be the first curator in the entire world who creates a truly international art exhibition: The International Exhibition, or TIE for short.  


To participate in TIE, it’s really easy, go on Flickr, find a photograph you love (if you’re struggling, you haven’t been looking hard enough, but there are some suggestions below), print it out (or, even better, have it printed out using a service like Photobox in the UK or AdoramaPix in the US (thanks, @JohnMilleker) ), stick it on your wall, and take a photo of it. Then stick the photo on Flickr, with the tag ‘TheInternationalExhibition’. Then, if you want, stick a comment on this post :)

XAO by Håkan Dahlström, for TIE
XAO by Håkan Dahlström, for TIE

Struggling to find a photo which would fit on your wall? Flickr’s Explore is usually full of wall-worthy photographs, or you can go look at the photos of all of your friends (or all of my friends, for that matter), or if you really want to enlarge my already unnecessarily buoyant ego, one of my own photos.

Let’s see what a big group of awesome photographers can come up with together, but I sense it might be pretty awesome.

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