The Great Migration - in time-lapse

Wildebeest Stampede

The Great Migration. It’s one of Africa’s most impressive, perilous, and at times chaotic mass animal movements. 1.5 million wildebeest make the epic journey from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Masai Mara in Kenya (and back again) every year in search of greener pastures. Of course, being so impressive, perilous, and sometimes chaotic, it’s been documented thousands of times. But Will and Matt Burrard-Lucas, intrepid wildlife photographers extraordinaire reckon that they’ve captured it in way that’s original. It’s also mightily impressive.

They’ve created Migration, which uses a combination of telephoto video clips and time-lapse sequences, to show the giant herd’s encounter with the Mara river. Over 10,000 animals take on the river, its crocodiles, and its cliffs in one go. It’s astonishing. Take a look for yourself:

Migration from Will & Matt Burrard-Lucas on Vimeo.

There’s also a superb panorama image of 30 stitched-together stills. You can zoom in for a closer look!

Head over to Will and Matt’s website to read more about the migration, and of course to see lots more photos!