The art of scientific photography at the Cambridge Science Festival

The Cambridge Science Festival opens on Monday and as part of its incredibly diverse and packed programme, it has teamed up with the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) and Dr Stefanie Reichelt, a scientist at the University of Cambridge's Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, to focus on the science of photography and the promotion of scientific photography. They're providing a range of talks, lectures, demonstrations and exhibitions, with something that should appeal to everyone. Saturday 15 March will be devoted to the subject of imaging and imagery. It starts with a talk asking just how many megapixels you really need and precisely how many do you really get and ends with a talk about developing the imaging tools of tomorrow. This goes via talks on colour vision, high- speed photography, medical imaging and images, 3D and stereo imaging, and whole lot more. The Camper Obscura will also be on-site that weekend. Yes, as its name suggests, its a camera obscura in a camper van.

As well that day devoted to photography, there are other events related to images taking place over the course of the festival: the life sciences poster and image exhibition, the Inspiring images: engineering captured on camera exhibition, and a digital recreation of the earliest known colour photographic technique and an exploration of what happens when you collect the different elements of the colour spectrum separately.

All of the details of all of the events are available on the Cambridge Science Festival website. Specific details about the photography-oriented events is here. You don't need to book and the talks are free, but it is requested that you register for the morning or the afternoon session.

Maybe I'll see you there?