Ten Scintillating Street Shots!


Well, they’re actually street and reportage, but then I wouldn’t be able to have my alliterative cake and eat it if I included that detail in the title. One of the most frequently explored areas of photography is what we might class as reportage, or street photography (if the photo has a street in it somewhere, obviously).

A street shot can be a historical document, a candid snap presenting us a slice of life, or a carefully thought out, tidily composed architectural piece.

Or, apparently, hundreds of HDR images of pigeons.

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that good street photography is hard to do well – the best images have that little sprinkling of magic and catch your eye – so I thought it’d be nice to put together a small selection of street and reportage shots, old and new. Hopefully this mix of old historical images and more recent (as in “more recent than 1920″) street photography will inspire you to get out there and find that elusive killer image.

Remember, think laterally, not literally!

1 – One Simple Day in London

One Simple Day in London by Miodrag Bogdanovic mitja

2 – Untitled

Untitled, by Thomas.hwluxx

3 – Palmers Mysetery Hike

Palmers Mystery Hike

4 – Palmers Mystery Hike

Palmers Mystery Hike

5 – Untitled

Untitled, by Ocularis

6 – Ocean Wave Hotel

Ocean Wave Hotel

7 – London Bridge Tunnel

London Bridge Tunnel by Martino's Doodles

8 – The girl in the street

The girl in the street by **fly**

9 – Foggy Day on the Streets of Brussels

Foggy Day in the Streets of Brussels by Ben Heine

10 – This is London calling Bokehistan. Will you accept the charges?

"This is London calling Bokehistan. Will you accept the charges?" by Rogvon

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