Tell me about photo blogs

Are you a photographer occasionally writing about photography? Post a comment.

Do you have your own photography blog? Post a comment.

Do you know of a site who runs DIY projects that sometimes are about photography? Post a comment.

Do you have a website which has some original angle on anything? Post a comment.

Do you run a page which has nothing to do with anything I’d be remotely interested in? Post a comment anyway.

See a pattern yet? Exactly – I’m very curious to find out more about what makes my readers tick – and of course, I’m looking for new sources from where I can pilfer ideas for interesting articles for Photocritic.

Too shy to post a comment in public? Send me an email instead – get your submissions in to!

You can even send press releases, if you are a company, but if they are crap, prepare to be ridiculed.

Do you enjoy a smattering of random photography links? Well, squire, I welcome thee to join me on Twitter -

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