Taking a peek inside Lightroom

Tom Hogarty looks after Lightroom, the Digital Raw Plug in and the DNG file format. Small Aperture interviewed him.

When I reviewed Lightroom 3 back last year (such a hard life, I know), I realised that I was amassing a bundle of questions for the people who developed it.

Everything from 'What was the starting point?' to 'Which camera do you use?' Adobe very kindly agreed to let me loose on one of their developers, and I was even allowed to put some of your questions to him, too. This is what Tom Hogarty had to say about Lightroom.

Tom has worked for Adobe for almost six years and he's the Principal Product Manager for Lightroom, the Camera Raw plug-in, and the DNG file format.

Before then, he worked in New York with commercial and fashion photographers, helping them to transfer from film to digital workflow. Ever get the feeling someone knows more about your workflow than you do?

The best photo-editing package available?

Team Small Aperture are all Lightroom users, and right now we can't see us trying anything else. When we asked Tom if Lightroom's founding principle was to be the best photo-editing package out there, he was very modest about it and reminded us that Mark Hamburg was responsible for the concept behind Lightroom.

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