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The Ethiopian Wolf Project


If you’ve never checked out Will and Matt Burrard-Lucas’ photography and film projects before, you totally should. Their film ‘Migration‘ won the moving image award at the Sony World Photography Awards and their other wildlife photos are innovative (Beetlecam, anyone?) and challenging (how about komodo dragons?). Will has an exciting new project in the works, too.

Ever heard of the Ethiopian wolf? Given that there are only about 500 of them left in the wild, in seven populations, maybe not. And at their rate of decline, it’s unlikely that many more people will know about Africa’s only species of wolf. They’re under threat from human influences, diseases introduced by domestic dogs, and their own dwindling gene pool.

This where Will and his cameras come in. He and Rebecca Jakrel, another wildlife photographer, are planning on spending a few weeks in Ethiopia, photographing the wolves and the threats to their survival. When they get back, they want to use these images to form the basis of lectures, articles, and gallery exhibitions to raise awareness of the Ethiopian wolf and its plight.

However, these guys also need your help to fund this project. Things like local guides and permits don’t come for free. If you think that you can help out at all (and there are rewards for donations), why not visit their Kickstarter page?

There’s lots more information on the project on its website. Go take a look!

(All photos courtesy of Rebecca Jackrel.)