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Two exciting opportunities for young photographers from IdeasTap

The lovely people over at IdeasTap, a not-for-profit organisation that's in the business of giving young creative people a leg-up in their chosen field, has just announced two new projects that might be right up some young photographers' streets.

First up is a Bauhaus-inspired project. The Barbican in London will be hosting the Bauhaus: Art as Life exhibition from May this year, and they're looking for Bauhaus-inspired images to be turned into paper-based products, such as greetings cards and posters, for sale in the gift shop.

If you're UK-based and aged between 16 and 30 you can submit six images - all Bauhaus-inspired - to be considered for production by the panel of judges. The deadline is 17:00 on 16 February. More details are available on the IdeasTap website.

Next up is the opportunity to curate your very own anthology - a collection of whatever words and pictures that you feel deserve to see the light of day in a creative and inspiring way. Of course, they judges will be looking for something that's original and unusual. So this is a chance to let yourselves shine.

The deadline for this is much tighter - it's Wednesday 11 January - and you need to put together a brief for your idea with an editorial team of three people by then. If you're successful, you'll be given three months, professional mentoring, and £2,000 to make your idea into a pdf production.

Does this float your boat? Super! You and your editorial team need to be aged between 16 and 25. All the information is available here.

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Getty Images launched a brand new version of today. It might’ve been going since 2003, but the big bosses decided that it needed a bit of an overhaul. There are now 2.5 million royalty-free images available for download on the site. So that’s just a few, then.

The target market is very much small businesses and individuals, and it caters to those who might need to lay their hands on an image in a hurry and not have to sell a kidney to pay for it. You can pay to download a single image, or a bundle of five, 10, 25, or 50 images over the course of a year. The larger the bundle, the cheaper each image. (A single image for print purposes costs £4.99, whereas one image works out at £1.80 if you buy a bundle of 50. The US equivalents are $7.99 and $2.70.)

Or there’s a subscription plan. Pay £649 (US$988) and be able to download 100 images every week for a year; £199 (US$299) covers three months and it’s £369 (US$549) for six months. The plans are tailored to a whole heap of different countries, too.

I can see this being heaven-sent for students completing their dissertations or small businesses looking for imagery to put in their marketing literature. Yeah, I had a poke about, which is ludicrously easy, and they had some suitably obscure pictures as well as less brain-wrackingly odd ones, from autoclaves to the Eiffel Tower.

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