At last... Triggertrap v1 is shipping!

It's been an absolute rollercoaster of a ride, from inception, to smashing its Kickstarter funding goal, to testing, to production set-backs, to PayPal's crushing inefficiency and potentially disastrous unilateral decision-making, to yet more production delays, through nerves, excitement, terror, frustration, and finally elation: Triggertrap v1 is shipping.

Today, the first batch of universal camera triggers were dispatched from the factory in China to their eagerly-waiting recipients.

If you've followed the story from the beginning, you'll know that Haje and the Triggertrap team have lived and breathed every moment of its development. It's been an enlightening process, watching a product take shape from idea to reality, through all of its ups and downs. These guys' tenacity and determination has been inspiring. Congratulations! I hope that you're enjoying a few beers this evening.

Now I'm waiting for mine to drop through my letterbox.