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Surreal Photography: Creating the Impossible is now on sale!

The worst bit of writing a book isn't the early morning starts, or the stress of scrambling for a deadline; it's not the 22nd revision or edit that you need to make after you thought that the 21st would be the last; it isn't even waking up in a cold sweat panicking that you forgot to submit a particular image way after it has gone to print. No. It's none of these. The worst bit is waiting for your printed books to be shipped from China to where they're going on sale. They're in existence, they're ready, but they're suspended in a maritime limbo.

As if a slow boat from China isn't bad enough, it's even worse when the ship in question is held up by a typhoon in the South China Seas.

This is, of course, precisely what happened to my newest book, Surreal Photography: Creating the Impossible. It feels like a very long time since I submitted the final manuscript last autumn, crammed with information on how to shoot surreal-looking images in-camera, create them from scratch, or composite them digitally, and including 25 gorgeous step-by-steps to creating surreal images from 25 highly talented photographers. But at last it's ready to rock-and-roll in bookstores and our go-to online retail behemoths in the UK and the US. If, however, you'd prefer to place your paws on an e-version right this very second, you can download it from the Ilex Instant store.

Now that it's made it, you should check it out!