Poppy - turning your iPhone into a 3D camera

Did you have a Viewmaster stereoscope as a kid? One of those 3D viewing contraptions into which you'd insert a 'reel' of images that were in a cardboard disc, look through the eye holes and then depress a lever to rotate the images through the viewing mechanism? Yes! One of those! I had one, too. In fact, it's probably still at my parents' house, somewhere. But if Joe and Ethan from Hack Things have anything to do with anything, there will soon be an iPhone compatible equivalent that lets you turn photos and videos into stereoscopic masterpices. It's called Poppy, and they've just launched their Kickstarter appeal to get things moving.

Nothing about Poppy is digital—apart from your iPhone—it works entirely with optics. You insert your iPhone into the device and a set of mirrors captures a pair of binocular images on your iPhone's lens. When you look through Poppy's viewfinder, the images are combined to create a 3D scene.

Have a look at the video, because Joe and Ethan explain it better than I ever could.

You can watch your own videos in 3D through Poppy, or whatever you fancy off of YouTube. If you make a video using Poppy and want to share it with your friends, they can see it in 3D with the stylish addition of a pair of red-blue glasses.

If you head over to Kickstarter and pledge your support to raise $40,000, you can help bring Poppy into production and maybe even get your hands on one of the first models. I'm not a fan of 3D at all, that's no secret, but the nostalgia of this really appeals!

Update! 16:30 BST: Less than 24 hours after launching their Kickstarter appeal, Ethan and Joe have exceeded their funding requirement for Poppy. Wow!