Snapseed says hello to Android

Snapseed editing awesomeness now available for Android

When Google snapped up Snapseed, which is undoubtedly my favourite editing app for mobile photography, earlier this year there was a lot of groaning and sighing around the Intergoogles. There's been a nasty tendancy to acquire successful companies for their talent, but shutter the product itself. Snapseed, however, might have been a trend-bucker. When Google bought out Nik Software, Snapseed's owners, it was an iOS-only app. But not from today. Now it's all hunky-dory and Android-ified.

Phones and tablets that are running Ice Cream Sandwich or later are able to make use of Snapseed's comprehensive and intuitive editing package. Sure you can do fun things with your photos using Snapseed, for example adding grunge effects or a vintage look, but it offers you the ability to adjust and control the fundamentals–such as the white balance, the contrast, and the sharpening–and make selective adjustments easily, too. Snapseed lets you edit 'properly'; it isn't just about fun filters.

It's this solid base that's made Snapseed so popular, and allowed Dan Chung to live blog from Olympics with his iPhone

Snapseed, whether on iOS or Android supports nine different languages, and as of today is now free, too.

You can download Snapseed from the App Store or Google Play.

Use #3,194 for your iPhone camera - calorie counting

Meal Snap

And now for something completely different, Ladies and Gentlemen: an iPhone app that tells you how many calories there are in your chicken and salad sandwich, or your macaroni cheese, or your handful of dried apricots. You snap a picture, send it off to the magical world of Meal Snap, and they respond giving you an approximation of how many calories it contains.

They don’t enlighten us as to exactly how they calculate the calories in your bowl of porridge or roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. It’s all down to magic. And the photo from your iPhone.

Did I ever think that there were so many uses for an iPhone camera. Nope! Will I be using it myself? Not a hope in hell. I’ve never counted a calorie in my life. But I bet I know some people who’ll be falling over themselves to try it out.

£1.79 or $2.99 from the App Store.

(Headsup to TechCrunch.)