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Rania Matar's A Girl and Her Room comes to London


Further to my Closer Look at her series back in April, I am, quite honestly, massively excited to hear that Rania Matar is exhibiting her “A Girl and her Room” series in The Mosaic Rooms in London at the start of July.

It’s currently one of my favourite series and, as I’m sure you all know, seeing a series of images exhibited and in print is a totally different experience to looking at them online. I suggest you all pop down there and check this series out whilst it’s in London, unless you’re some kind of terrible person who hates nice things. In that case, I would suggest you just sit in a blank room, staring at the wall or something.

Personally, I can’t wait to see this series, as it has inspired my own personal project and, aside from enjoying the images, I’m hoping for further inspiration from having the opportunity of seeing the images in print.

A Girl and Her Room opens in the Mosaic Rooms on the 1st of July and runs until the 23rd of July.