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About a Photograph - the stories behind iconic images

Saul Loeb/Agence France-Presse Do you ever look at a photo and think 'Heavens-to-Betsy, how did the photographer manage that?' Not necessarily the geeky 'What aperture did you use?' type of questions, but the 'Where were you standing? You were standing, weren't you?' or the 'How did you see that one coming?' startled enquiry. Think Tank Photo, the guys who make the Really Good camera bags, have just started a three-weekly video series called 'About a Photograph', which answers those sorts of questions.

Each episode takes an iconic image—news, wildlife, or sports, contemporary or classic—and the background, the insight, and the story behind it is narrated by its photographer. The series is produced by Kurt Rogers and Deanne Fitzmaurice, Think Tank's co-founders and award-winning photojournalists themselves.

The series kicks off with Agence France-Presse's Saul Loeb talking about his Presidential Hug photo, captured on the 2012 US presidential election campaign trail, when a surprised President Obama was lifted off his feet by a Florida pizza shop proprietor.

You can keep up with About a Photograph on Think Tank's blog.