photographic contributions

The 1,096 face collage

Everyone is Art

Have you ever wondered what Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus might look like if it were a collage composed of 1,096 images of people? Well, Samsung, together with the artist Samira Harris and photographic contributions from people affected somehow by breast cancer have created it.

It is part of Samsung’s ‘Everyone is Art’ project, which aims to bring support to people across Europe whose lives are affected by breast cancer. They picked the number 1,096 because that’s how many people are diagnosed with breast cancer every day in Europe.

The images were uploaded to Samsung’s ‘More than talk‘ project in September this year, before Harris used them to compose her collage. It was unveiled at a rather glitzy event last Thursday.

Now, I might not be able to raise massive sums of money for charity by doing it, but I wouldn’t mind having a go at creating a giant collage a bit like that.