micro four thirds

JVC Kenwood joins the Micro Four Thirds group

Olympus and Panasonic unveiled the Micro Four Thirds standard, with its smaller and lighter weight interchangeable lens system, back in 2008. Olympus has focused on building the OM-D line built to Micro Four Thirds standards while Panasonic produced some cameras that are great for making videos. Today, JVC Kenwood has announced that it is joining the Micro Four Thirds group and will be releasing a series of advanced Micro Four Thirds products. In a joint statement from Olympus and Panasonic, they were keen to stress the development of the Micro Four Thirds standard in a way that reflects the interests of the individual companies and provides consumers with a selection of different products: 'The release of these new products will add to the growing diversity of the Micro Four Thirds System lineup, which now consists of a wide range of products that represent the unique characteristics of each participating company.'

I'm awaiting confirmation from JVC Kenwood on its expected Micro Four Thirds product range and expectations.