Snapchat spam gets an apology

Following revelations over Christmas of a potential software vulnerability in its 'Find Friends' service that could allow its users' names to be linked with their phone numbers and a subsequent security breach around New Year, the last thing that ephemeral-image-sharing app Snapchat needs is another bothersome bug. Especially when it was veeeerrry slow to offer an apology and a fix to the first one. But that's just what Snapchat's got. This time, its users are reporting the receipt of unusually high numbers of spammy 'snaps'. Snapchat's developers are insistent that this incident is in no way related to the festive season 'Find Friends' vulnerability and they're working on a fix for it. They've also apologised for the inconvenience, which is a definite improvement on last time. However, until they can push through an update, the best advice on offer for users to adjust their settings so that only their friends can send them snaps. There's no means to report a Snapchat spammer, only block her or him, but maybe with this spate of spam, a solution will emerge.

(More details on the Snapchat blog)