Channel Five launches photo course


What are you up to tomorrow night? If you’re having a quiet night in, you might want to have a look at Channel Five’s new programme: ‘How to take stunning pictures’. It’s a joint venture between Panasonic and Channel Five and the aim is to help amateur photographers take better pictures with some professional help.

Pull up a chair and grab your SLR - Channel Five is launching their photo course

Hosted by Miss Gadget Show, Suzi Perry, there are six programmes that each focus on a different theme: landscapes, portraits, action shots, holiday snaps, celebration photos, and animals. A guest photographer will host a masterclass and then send off some amateurs to see who can get the best shot. I suppose you could try it out, too!

Lumix have sponsored the series and it’s going out on a variety of media: Panasonic’s IPTV service Vieracast, Panasonic’s and Channel Five’s websites, and of course, Channel Five at 19:30 on Tuesdays.