Sweet lens filter coasters


If I weren’t actively attempting to divest myself of belongings in preparation for spending six months overseas next year, I would already have pledged some money towards Joel Malone’s current Kickstarter project to produce sets of lens filter coasters. Then I would have told you guys about it. He’s looking for $10,000 before 6 December this year; you’ll get a stylish photography-related living room accessory in exchange for your financial support.

Pledge $40 and you get four 86mm UV filters in a swanky steel holder. If you’d prefer coloured filter coasters – red, blue, green, and yellow – that’ll set you back $50. Fancy both sets? Then you’ll need add $85 into the pot. If you’re feeling extra rich and have $170 to spare, you’ll get four sets, two UV and two coloured. Maybe you don’t want 16 coasters, but you might have a few photographer mates who’d appreciate a set.

There are no plans to develop these for retail, which means that you’ll have to stump up the cash now, and things are bit more expensive for international shipping, too.

You can go grab yours from the Kickstarter page.