Standardised memory cards a step closer?


If you’re getting ever-so-slightly fed-up with the range of different memory cards that camera manufacturers insist on supporting, and not being able to record lots of frames of continuous shooting in RAW, as well as thinking that your HD-movie-recording capacity is a bit measly, then the end might just be in sight. Maybe. Perhaps.

SanDisk, Sony, and Nikon have put together their heads and drawn up a proposal to standardise memory card formats. They’ve put their idea to the Compact Flash Association. (What a great name. I keep imagining pint-sized superheroes running it.)

The idea is to create a new specification of memory cards that’ll meet the ever-increasing demands of photographers. You should be able to transfer upto 500MB of data per second (a bit of an improvement on the current 167MB maximum) and your memory card might be able to hold 2TB of data.

Sounds okay to me!