So long, Everpix

Everpix, the San Francisco-based photo management and organisation app, has announced that it has commenced shut down of its service and will cease operations entirely on 15 December 2013. The idea behind Everpix, founded in 2011 by two ex-Apple employees and an ex-Odopod designer, was to bring organisation to the thousands of photos that we all have, scattered across different devices, sorting them according to creation date, making them searchable, and allowing you to share them easily by email, photo page, or social media. According to the Everpix team, in a blog post, 'We were unable to secure sufficient funding in order to properly scale the business, and our endeavors to find a new home for Everpix did not come to pass. At this point, we have no other options but to discontinue the service.'

There are full details on the shut-down process on its support site, and users will be emailed in due course, too. But the team has assured users that their images will be available for download until 15 December 2013, they will receive refunds on the cost of their apps, and their data will not be sold or transfered to any other companies. From now on, no one will be able to sync images from their devices to Everpix and sign-ups have been suspended.

You'd think with so many million photos in existence, there would be ample demand, but Everpix's demise proves that it isn't easy money. The image storage, sharing, and back-up space is a crowded place. Everpix isn't the first, and I doubt that they'll be the last, especially now that the likes of Flickr and Google+ offer oodles of free storage and the beginnings of automated back-up. If nothing else, please remember not to place all of your eggs in one basket.