Slow on the updates


writing-a-book.jpgHi, my lovelies!

Well, the contracts have been signed, and I’m working my arse off on the photography book I am writing. It’s a tremendous honour and a fantastic challenge to be asked to write a book, but next to my 10-to-12-hour-a-day day-job and spending the rest of the time writing my book, there isn’t a lot of time for other things, including eating, sleeping, communicating with friends, or updating my Photocritic blog.

It’s a damn shame, because I do love this blog (hell, it’s the reason why I was asked to write the book in the first place, so it’s actually invaluable to my status quo), but there just isn’t a lot of time.

My deepest apologies. I expect to start getting a little bit more time as the book starts taking shape. Stay tuned – we’ll soon return to our regular scheduled programming. Oh, and no doubt I’ll be whoring out my book as well – it’s due to hit the book-shops in spring 2007. All I need to do now is to write the damn thing :)

Much love,

Haje Jan Kamps

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