Gorgeous handmade camera straps from Signe Vicky

I've never been especially fond of the camera strap that came with my camera. Having a black, red, and white piece of fabric slung around my neck emblazoned with the words 'Canon' and 'EOS 6D' seems a bit indiscreet, really. 'Oh yes, muggers. Do come and pinch my several-thousand-pounds-worth of kit that I have casually suspended from my body.' So how about a handmade, individually numbered camera strap, produced at a workshop in France? Not only is it far more discreet but it's a bit more classy and definitely unique. Tartan?

French-Canadian maker, Signe Vicky, is responsible for these beauties. There are full length straps priced at €60 or wrist straps that cost €30. They can be shipped anywhere in the world, and if you get in quick you can pick one up to have sent directly as a Christmas present.

Pick a button, any button

The best way to get hold of one is to contact Signe Vicky through her Facebook page or to drop her an email. I have to say, I'm very tempted.