Saw this t-shirt; thought of you


Despite my current quest to divest myself of a vast accumulation of too much stuff, which includes at least half of my wardrobe and a small library of paperbacks, I really would like one of these ‘I shoot people’ t-shirts. In addition to my exploding wardrobe crisis, they’re also a bit pricey, at £21.95 (about US$35) plus postage. They come in small and medium sizes – I’ve no idea why there’s no large – and only in women’s fit. Mwahahaha!

Fancy one to scare the billy-o out of people when you’re indulging in some street photography? Head over to More T Vicar and take a look.

Maybe if I get rid of two old t-shirts, I can have one of these?

[Update: Large sizes should be available from 7 September and More T Vicar will give you a free t-shirt if you spend more than £50.]