RAW usage up massively, JPEG bites the dust.

There are tons of reasons for using RAW instead of JPG when you’re taking photographs. Your photos will be sharper, you will be able to unlock your camera’s full dynamic range, and you have a better flexibility over things like white balance.

It seems as if people are cottoning on in a big way, too – I ran a poll about 2 years ago about whether people were shooting in JPEG or RAW… And I re-ran the same poll earlier this month.

The changes are staggering…

2 years ago

Early 2007, 36% used Raw mostly or exclusively. 55% used JPEG mostly or exclusively:


Today, a whopping 66% of you use Raw mostly or exclusively, and only 26% still prefer to shoot in JPEG:

Why’d this happen?

Hey, I think if you read the three articles linked at the top of this blog post, it’s pretty clear why I stopped taking photos in JPEG… But I’d love to hear about your reasons in the comments…

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