Quick-release neckstraps


Picture-13.jpgAnother of those dirt-cheap yet incredibly useful camera modifications – quickly detachable neck straps!

There are tons of reasons for why you could want to remove the neck strap from your camera. If you’ve got a light camera, most of the time you don’t need it anyway, but even for SLRs, it makes sense: Straps can get caught in the wind, or you may prefer to keep your strap on a very short length, which makes taking it off and on tricky.  


… So a simple, cheap and effective solution is where it’s at! I found a post in the DPReview forums where a user explains how he used simple metal hooks to make a quick detatchable camera lens strap mod.

HOOK.gifPersonally, I’d probably have gone for aluminium (or aluminum, for you Americans out there) carabiner hooks (see the pic on the right), primarily because they are a hell of a lot lighter, and easier to click on and off too, but either way, the idea is great.

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