Professional-looking web portfolios from Picmoo

If you're not looking to host your own photo website, there are plenty of photo portfolio building and hosting sites there to do it for it you. Breaking into the market might not necessarily be easy but Vlad Mereuta, a former BBC tech lead, thinks that his new platform, Picmoo, is different enough to turn some heads. For a start, there are no multi-option pricing plans. Sign up for Picmoo and you pay a flat fee of £6.99/€6.99/$9.99 a month (when billed annually; £8.75 a month when paying month-to-month) for everything that Picmoo offers, and that's quite a bit.

Picmoo provides unlimited pages, galleries, and blogs; if you subscribe to an annual subscription, a custom domain is thrown in, too.

The Lumen gallery template

At the moment, subscribers can choose from five mobile-friendly templates for their galleries, with another seven designs in the pipeline. All of these templates can be customised from colour, to typeface, to margins to get the look that you want. When you've settled on that, arranging your content is a drag-and-drop affair.

Drag-and-drop gallery arrangement

Images can be uploaded directly from Adobe's Lightroom using Picmoo's plugin and there's integration with the likes of Flickr, 500px, and Twitter for easy cross-posting. If you're looking to migrate from a different platform, Picmoo has import tools to help you out.

Templates are responsive

I think that Picmoo offers anyone who's trying to show off their images and blog a bit on the side a very reasonable option. If you're looking to start or switch, there's a free 15 day trial to see if it's for you.