Photography, meet Tetris!


photo_blocks2.jpgPhotos make for great gifts, but the whole “get a print and a frame, combine the two, whoopee” thing is getting older than dinosaurs smoking pipes, knitting scarves in rocking chairs. So what you want is original presents, with an original touch.

So what do you do? Well, what about Photo Blocks? Cheap to make, but they look good, and at least it looks as if you’ve made an effort.  


From the lovely lads over at PhotoJoJo:

We’re here to help. Gather your piles of vacation photos, stunning portraits of Aunt Mildred, and your gallery-worthy shots of your feet; it’s time to put ‘em to use.

We’re going to show you how to make a stunning gift using your photos in 15 minutes or less. Keep it for yourself and make another for a friend. It’s sure to impress.

The wicked thing? They’ve even made a video tutorial – you’d have to be really dumb to screw this one up.

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