Photography and Affect - talks by the Photographers' Gallery

Esther Teichmann

The Photographers’ Gallery, despite being closed, is still laying on events and next up are a series of talks that delve into the idea behind physical and emotional responses to photographs. Between 1 and 10 March, seven different people will explore the relationship between the visceral and the intellectual in photographs. Six of the talks are free whilst one will cost you the princely sum of £5 (or £3.50 for concessions).

The full schedule looks something like this:

  • Images and Suffering, Paul Tebbs, Tuesday 1 March, 18.30
  • The Image — Imploded Action, Contagion, Affect, Bridget Crone, Wednesday 2 March, 18.30
  • The Flesh of the Image: Touch in Photography, Dr Weibke Leister and Esther Teichmann, Monday 7 March, 18.30
  • Photophobia: Performing Documents, the Unimaginable and the Lure of Darkness, Dr Chantal Faust, Tuesday 8 March, 18.30
  • The Photographic Stare: Re-thinking the Spectacle in Photography, Dr Jorella Andrews, Wednesday 9 March, 18.30
  • Image, Gesture and Fiction, Jonathan Miles, Thursday 10 March, 18.30

These all take place at Downstairs at Yumchaa, 45 Berwick Street, London, W1F 8SF. They’re free, but booking is essential.

And the paid-for one: Affect and the Portrait by Prof Alexander Düttmann on Friday 11 March at 19.00, 7-9 William Road, London, NW1 3ER.

Tickets are available from

(Image by Esther Teichmann, from Mythologies, 2010.)