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Sweet baby jesus, I’m actually rather hyped about the PhotographyCorner’s 2006 Photograph of the Year contest. They’ve got a massive $14K worth of prizes, too.


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I’ve always thought that competitions are a great way to sharpen up your skills as a photographer. There are a lot of sites out there where you battle it out for bragging rights (Digital Photo Challenge used to be my favourite, but they went down-hill a while back), but there are an increasing number of competitions where you can win serious stuff as well.

The newest kid on the block is PhotographyCorner, who are going all-out with their competition. They’ve got some big-name sponsors, too, including iStockPhoto, Bibble Labs, Lensbabies, and Lowepro! No wonder, then, that they’ve got $14K worth of prizes up for grabs.

The competition is fierce tough, with lots of really high quality entries. You can get an idea of the level that is on display on the PC 2006 PotY website. Even if you decide not to enter, it’s worth having a click-about to get some ideas for your next projects.

If you’re up for entering, check out the 2006 Photograph of the Year Contest page for more information, and then get your entries in. I’d suggest you do enter, even if you don’t have the biggest of faith in your photography skills – The only way to improve your work is to practice, and entering compos might be just what you need to kick your inspiration into high gear!

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