Photocritic's 3rd Birthday!


In July about 3 years ago, I gave up my freelance photography business, Photocritic Ltd, and suddenly had a spare internet domain. As a promotional exercise for my company, I had written a few article for PhotoCritic, and I decided that perhaps it was worth putting those articles out there… An idea which came to fruition exactly 3 years ago today. So; what better excuse for a retrospective of what’s been going on, and sprouting lots of completely pointless statistics at you?

Photocritic in Numbers…

Total number of blog posts… 316
Total number of comments… 2,461
Total number of visitors… 1,834,552
Total number of pageviews… 3,553,856
Total number of spammed comments… 356,725
Total number of countries which have visited… 216 (see which ones…)
Total copies of my book sold… ~7500
Total number of guest writers… 18
Total number of server moves… 4

Most popular posts

… Over the past 3 years

  1. Macro Photography on a budget
  2. Photographing Smoke
  3. Try Nude Photograpy!
  4. Concert photography
  5. How to win photography competitions
  6. The Dirty tricks of Food Photographers
  7. Happy Birthday, Earth Shots!
  8. White Balance Explained
  9. Straightening an image in Photoshop
  10. Prime lenses, and why you need one

… Over the past 3 months

  1. Macro Photography on a budget
  2. Photographing Smoke
  3. Top 10 photography websites
  4. Try nude photography
  5. Nude photography 101: Photographing your girlfriend
  6. Concert Photography
  7. The Ultimate Guide to HDR photography
  8. Top 15 entry-level DSLRs
  9. Creating a photography portfolio
  10. How to win photography competitions

Photocritic visitors

Are likely to be from…

  1. USA (49.6%)
  2. UK (9.5%)
  3. Canada (6.7%)
  4. Australia (3.2%)
  5. Germany (2.3%)
  6. Spain (1.7%)
  7. Finland (1.5%)
  8. Netherlands (1.4%)
  9. France (1.3%)
  10. India (1.2%)

… In total, we’ve registered visits from 216 different countries (interesting, considering how there’s only about 195 countries in the world)

Are probably using… (Past 2 months)

  1. Firefox (47% – of which 82% v3, 9% v2 )
  2. Internet Explorer (34% – of which 71% IE6, 28% IE6)
  3. Safari (10%)
  4. Opera (3%)
  5. Chrome (3%)

Are running… (Past 2 months)

  1. Windows (76%)
  2. Mac OS (19%)
  3. Linux (2%)
  4. iPhone OS (0.25%)

Found Photocritic via…

  1. Google search (37%)
  2. Bookmarks / direct (15%)
  3. (4%)
  4. (4%)
  5. (3%)
  6. Yahoo search
  9. MSN Search

… In fact, if you’re curious, why not check out the 500 sites who have referred most traffic my way over the past 3 years.

Are most likely to have searched on..

  1. nude photography
  2. macro photography
  3. photography portfolio
  4. concert photography
  5. photography blog

And finally…

I know those are a load of numbers – but ultimately, there’s only one number that really matters: the number 1. That number is the single pageview of the page you are looking at now. That number is the single number of you – yes, you – reading this.

Thank you for sticking with me – whether this is your first visit, or whether you’ve been reading Photocritic from the start – I wouldn’t have bothered doing any of this if it hadn’t been for the comments, the e-mails, and the steady, ever-increasing page counter which reminds me that yes, there are real humans out there who are reading the random bollocks I’m sprouting day in day out.

Thank you.

Oh, and if you’re feeling a bit retro, why not check out Photocritic in the WayBack Machine?

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