Photocritic Greatest Hits vol.2


Early last year, I did an article titled ‘Photocritic Greatest Hits‘ – which basically just listed the most popular articles on this site.

The reason for repeating it is down to a comment by Sharon on Twitter, who mentioned that she loved Strobist, but hadn’t really gone through much of its backlog – which is a shame, really, since the Strobist blog is positively awesome. While I’m no Strobist, I’d like to think that Photocritic also has some articles in its history that are worth visiting – so hereby, a list of ‘if you read nothing else, read this’

Most commented, most viewed, and most awesome – all for you!

Most popular in 2008

Hayley in the 1950s
Photo: Hayley in the 1950s by, on Flickr

Missy in Liverpool1 – Extreme Macro Photography on a budget
2 – The dirty tricks of food photographers
3 – Nude Photography 101: Photographing your Girlfriend
4 – Try nude photography
5 – Top 50 Photography Websites
6 – The top 15 digital SLR cameras
7 – Concert photography
8 – Creating a photography portfolio
9 – Nude photography Avec Renoux
10 – The Ultimate guide to HDR

Above right: Missy in Liverpool by on Flickr

Most popular of all time

Glass, wood, brick, sky and lens flare
Glass, wood, brick, sky and lens flare by on Flickr

The Darkness in concert1 – Extreme Macro Photography on a budget
2 – Photographing Smoke
3 – Try nude photography
4 – Concert photography
5 – 100 amazing iPhone photos
6 – How to win a photography contest
7 – The dirty tricks of food photographers
8 – The 12 best photos of 2007
9 – Top 50 Photography Websites
10 – Your Photos, 300-style

Above right: The Darkness in concert by, on Flickr

Haje’s favourites not in the above list

Freedom in Black and White
Photo: Freedom in Black and White by, on Flickr

Just because an article is popular doesn’t mean it’s necessarily best. You’ll notice there’s a lot of nude photography stuff in the list above, so it’s obvious what kind of things people were searching for to find it :-) I have some more ones that are worth reading, though, if you fancy it.

In general, I turn my favourite articles into ‘featured’ articles, which means that they get ‘featured’ on the Photocritic home page that you can see all of them by checking out the Featured category. If you can’t be bothered, though, then check out these 10:

A Very Sharp Photo1 – Creating your own photography blog
2 – Teaching yourself photography
3 – Lens Flare and how to avoid it
4 – The return of Street Photography
5 – White balance explained
6 – Prime Lenses and why you need one
7 – Dealing with Negative Critique
8 – Expose for the highlights
9 – Teaching photography to a 5-year-old
10 – How to do a photo critique

Above right: A Very Sharp Photo by, on Flickr

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