Photocritic gets a new look


Well, it’s been a good long while (November 2006, in fact) since Photocritic went Retro, and I’ve been considering to make a bit of a change to the site for the past few months.

So now, after spending a whole week-end ankle-deep in CSS, PHP and WordPress (after recently doing a bit of coding on a piece of forum software, it’s very good to be back on the WordPress codebase. I guess it’s difficult to appreciate how lovely it is unless you go through the hell that is badly coded software), I proudly present the new-look Photocritic.

It’s not completely finished yet – you’ll notice, for example, that the 4 thingies underneath the 3 thingies on the home page are still looking a bit spartan, how there are a few pages around the site that don’t really work with the new design, and how there are occasional quirks and wonkiness elsewhere, so please allow me to iron those out – if you do find any bugs or things that don’t quite look right, however, then please do leave a comment and let me know. (Unless you’re on Internet Explorer 6, in which case, please get a real browser and have another look)

photocritic-newThings I particularly enjoy about this design is that it is modular, and almost entirely Widgets-driven. That means that the 4 menu type things on the home page, the ‘featured articles’ on the homepage, the ‘Recent Flickr’ thingies in the right-hand menu bar on article pages (like the page you’re looking at now) etc can be added, removed, and moved about without touching any code.

The design reflects that I’m spending more time doing things which aren’t Photocritic – but are still related to the site; I’m microblogging about photography on Twitter, I’m more active on Flickr, and I’ve got a couple of other sites I’m interacting with more frequently, too – all of which is now better reflected throughout the site – a trend I’m intending to continue.

So yes, thank you for sticking with me, everybody, and I’m looking forward to run Photocritic v4 going forward!

Rock on,

- Haje

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