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I know a lot of you are deeply gutted whenever you miss an article on Photocritic. Well, I’d love to think that anyway. But guess what, now there’s a new way of staying up to date – by the power of Email! Such technology! Such splendour! Such a lot of words to basically just make an announcement which could have been done on Twitter! Oh well.


What would MacGyver do? Subscribe to Photocritic via e-mail, of course!

So, yes. In the sidebar of all my article pages, you will now find a small form with the header ‘Get Notified’. (so, if you’re reading this in a feed reader, this probably doesn’t apply to you, because clearly you’ve already found a way to stay up to date, but if you want to see the sidebar, you could try clicking on the permalink to the article you’re now reading. Ooh! Articles linking to themselves! How incredibly ouroborosesque)

In summary, there are three ways of reading Photocritic:

  • Check back often (three times a day would be nice, and will do wonders for my statistics
  • Get the RSS feed
  • Subscribe via e-mail (see the sidebar)

That’s all, folks!

- Haje

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