Photo-streaming from Apple?

Photostream error

Whilst she was testing the iOS 4.3 Beta 2, Gizmodo writer Rosa Golijan stumbled across an error message that told her a bit officiously PHOTOSTREAM_NO_NETWORK_WIFI. Hmm. Interesting. What could it possibly mean? What is Apple planning and is it attempting to take on the social media might of, say, Facebook?

Assisted by the investigatory powers of 9to5 Mac, it seems that it could be about a media streaming service that Apple might be launching. Perhaps.

From the bits and pieces that have been found buried on the system, it looks as if Apple will be enabling iPhone users to set up photo-streams. Users could invite people to view their streams or block those whom they don’t want seeing their pics as they’d be subscribable, too.

This is of course all conjecture and speculation. But it is fun.

(Headsup and picture credit to Gizmodo.)