Phocus Quick and Phocus Mobile from Hasselblad


In addition to an upgrade to its standard image editing software, taking it to Phocus version 2.6, Hasselblad has just announced details of two shiny new picture editing bits of kit. There’s Phocus Quick and Phocus Mobile, for those of us who like to do things fast, and on the move. Well, sort of.

Phocus Quick transfers images from camera to computer at the touch of a button and will even carry out a few minor functions along the way, if you so want. The original RAW images stay on the memory card, though. You can look over the fruits of your labours on the big screen quickly, and then come back and edit them more thoroughly a bit later.

Phocus Mobile lets you connect wirelessly to a Mac running Phocus 2.6 and browse images on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It also serves as a tethering device, so that you can control your shiny Hasselblad H4D from your shiny Apple mobile product.

Will they be useful? I’ve no idea. It seems to me as if they’re halfway to being useful, but haven’t quite managed the entire shebang. Still, if you use Phocus, they’re both free.

Phocus 2.6 and Quick are available from Hasselblad now; Phocus Mobile will be downloadable from the App Store from March. More details are available on the Hasselblad website.