Pennies for pictures at Tailcast

Picture 2

There are probably a few of us who wouldn’t mind making a few extra pennies from our photographs, but possibly in a hands-off, not-really-having-to-deal-with-practicalities kind of way. You know: rather than having to make and mail out greetings cards made from your photos yourself, let someone else make them and send them out. If this sounds appealing, I might have just the website for you.

It’s called tailcast and it allows members to upload images and words that they can then make into greetings cards or wall art, or allow other people to transform them into cards or canvases. If someone uses one of your images to make a card, or a piece of wall art, you get a 20% commission on the piece.

Is 20% a reasonable commission? I don’t know. But if you’ve a few images that you’re happy for other people to make into postcards or to hang in their living rooms, it’s a pretty easy way of making a bit of beer-money.

Check it out at